Advanced Fabric

Ever have one of your knives go through your knife roll? We have, and it’s frustrating. When we started designing a carrying case for our San Sebastian Knife line, we searched for a manufacturer who made a puncture resistant knife roll. When we didn’t find one, we resolved to design and build it ourselves. NextGen solicited fabric samples from mills across the United States (many of which specialize in knife resistance), in a multitude of different fiber chemistries, thicknesses, geometries, and fabric constructions, with the goal of producing a lining for our roll which is extremely resistant to accidental puncture. After reviewing over 100 technical fabrics, we found something that passed our rigorous tests. The fabric we chose is an extremely tough Kevlar blend woven specially to maximize the number of fibers the blade comes in contact with and to give but not break under stress. This behavior spreads the force of the knife across a larger number of fibers, greatly decreasing the chance of a puncture.