Ask almost any chef to show you their hand and you’ll see a callus on their index finger.

Our entire company started with a simple observation - chefs are taught to hold their knives with their thumb and index finger on the blade for maximum control. Yet chef’s knives are built to be grabbed by their handles.  When you try to hold a regular knife properly, pressure builds up in the pad and heel of your hand and it hurts. With NextGrip™, we started from scratch, painstakingly observing how the human hand naturally holds a knife. We used laser scan data to build an ergonomic design which contours organically for maximum support. Then we did countless iterations of 3D printing and testing until we had something that felt right. The grip on the final design uniquely extends into the blade area to provide comfortable resting places for your thumb and index finger. It also provides broader areas of support for your index finger and hand, reducing stress and pain.